The other day, in conversation with a woman who’s husband is unemployed, she said something that I consider a misconception. She said that her husband can do a lot of things but he can’t sell. She actually said he would make a terrible salesman.

At first when she said it, I accepted it as fact. I don’t know her husband very well but I assumed that she did.

Then I began to think about her accessment of him and found I couldn’t concur. I believe every one of us can and does attempt to sell what we believe in on a daily basis.

Take for example the young professional who just purchased a brand new luxury car. He/she may try to sell us on their choice of car or their ability to afford the expensive purchase. As they tell us about their recent splurge, they may even try to convince the hearer why they deserve such luxury.

The woman who just lost 50 pounds will be more than happy to tell you about the diet plan/pills/exercise that finally worked for her and why it will work for you.

The man who feels strongly about a particular political candidate will work tirelessly to convince others to see things his way.

None of these individuals may see themselves as sales people or even selling something necessarily but if you think about it, they are.

Now I’ve been a salesperson before and I not going to try to pretend that everyone can sell anything but even the gentleman in question was able to sell himself to his wife before they were married. Anyone can sell what they truly believe in.

We are all in selling mode at some point in our lives. Even if just selling ourselves, to an employer, a banker,  or a significant other. Most of us want others to agree with us because it makes us feel, I don’t know, validated I guess. Maybe even smart if we’ve actually changed someone’s mind.

In this difficult economy, I don’t believe it is very wise for any one of us to discount our abilities. Especially if it means narrowing our options for employment. And as always, if we are in Christ, we can do ALL things through him who gives us strength.


Written by Lauren

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