Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way of everlasting.
Psalm 139:23,24

Often all it takes is a simple decision made in haste with no thought and afterward I’ll find that I’ve put myself on a slow course toward desolation. For me, the worst part of these all too often situations is always how long it takes before I notice I’m no longer walking in step with my Lord. I turn to talk to Him and suddenly I realize I’m alone on this path I’ve chosen for myself, with no idea how long I’ve been going solo.

I can’t even tell you the exact act of rebellion that started me down the wrong path this time. It was a very difficult week for me, and although I witnessed the grace of God throughout, by the end I still found myself, machete in hand, arduously clearing my own path before I realized I was alone.

Each and every decision, no matter how menial it seems, is crucial to our everyday life as a Christian. With each thought followed by the ensuing action we can either be in complete obedience and walking in God’s plan, His best for us, or we can be plotting our own course. I’ve been on both trails and I prefer God as my Guide. So why do I at times find myself walking where I’d rather not be?

I had to chuckle to myself just now as I considered just ending with the above question and waiting for someone to email me with help. But I know where my help comes from; my help comes from the Lord. The verses above are the very words I pray when I realize that I’m on my own path and have no idea how I got there.

The Lord will then bring to mind the seemingly little yet unwise choice that started me down this road. I then in turn ask for His forgiveness, in order to get back on His path. Without realizing it at the time, I inevitably allowed a selfish attitude, a self-pitying mind set, or possibly a fleshy stubbornness, instead of the mind of Christ, to influence one simple decision, and from there my course was set.

This is why it is imperative I “take every thought captive.” I must be a thoughtful Christian, where the word thoughtful means thinking through each action and reaction prior to making it. For a naturally impetuous person like myself it may take a little extra effort, but it’s not impossible. I have to remember not to let the emotion of the moment govern my decisions and in turn my life.

The Lord as my Guide is steadfast, never veering to the right or to the left. If I find myself far from Him, it isn’t because He left my path, but because I left His. I pray that He keeps my feet planted firmly on His course and I pray this for your feet as well.

Written by Lauren