A few days ago my daughter, Chloe, came home early from her friend’s house. It seems that Catherine’s grandmother had come to visit and they had decided to go to lunch and then do some shopping.



[box] This post was written a few years back but continues to remind me to take every thought captive to Jesus Christ.[/box]


Catherine’s family, and I mean whole family her grandparents, aunts, and uncles included, are of the very wealthy variety. When they do lunch or go shopping it’s usually at the country club and then a Neiman Marcus type of store. They are all extremely kind and very often they have included Chloe in their plans. Just today in fact, after one of their infrequent, highly-coveted sleepovers, Catherine’s mom took the girls to a local country club that has recently added a small water park.

The girls have only known each other for about two months but in that time Chloe has been introduced to a very different way of life than she is used to, well, living.

But I digress.

On the day she came home early she nonchalantly mentioned something the Grandma had asked. If it started to rain, she wanted Chloe to come back and take the laundry off the line. She said that the laundry basket would be just inside the unlocked garage door.

Julian did a double take. “She wants her to ride her bike back there in the rain, take their clean laundry off the line, fold it, place it into a basket, put it in the garage and then ride back home? In the rain?”

I thought of how nice they have been and the request just didn’t seem that odd to me. Besides, my daughter had readily and humbly agreed. Didn’t that reflect well on the Jesus she loves? Chloe is our baby, our small-for-her-age youngest child, sometimes we think of her as younger than she is. She will be twelve in a few months though; she is fully capable of folding laundry. Although, I can’t honestly say she’s ever taken clothes off of a line because I love my dryer and I would never cheat on my dryer with that well built, flirtatious laundry line out back. Oh I’ve thought about it, that I will admit, but I’ve never acted on those thoughts because loyalty is my middle name.

The hours passed and the sun continued to shine. Around the time that Catherine was expected home the sky became overcast and I began to think that rain was not only imminent but would be here quickly. I told Chloe to head out to their house and take care of their laundry. A few minutes later I saw her coming back up the driveway.

She must have worked fast, I thought. For a second I was just a little proud of her.

Then she told me that she couldn’t reach the clothes pins and she wasn’t able to get any of the clothes down. That meant that I would have to go and help her.

Suddenly, folding the rich people’s laundry up the street didn’t seem like such a great idea. The thoughts that entered my head were absolutely appalling. Whose thoughts were these? They were so ugly.

As I walked towards their home with the slight drizzle coming down I talked with God. I could clearly see how selfish I was being, not to mention hypocritical. But something about this situation was making me feel lees than. No one was even around to look down on me but I felt lowly.

“Help me Lord, I don’t want to feel this, this sin; it’s just disgusting.

Take every thought captive to Jesus Christ – it was as if I was reading this verse right off the page.

So I did.

And then the feelings started to make sense. Satan was hard at work in my thought life.

It was a strange lesson for me. One minute I was thinking that something was perfectly fine for my daughter to do and the next I was feeling belittled by being called to do it myself. I recognized why God raised the laundry line just out of Chloe’s reach. It was a necessary lesson to show me how easily I allow satan to get a foothold in my life.

Sometimes being the parent all the time leads me to forget I am still His child and I should readily and humbly agree to whatever He asks. Chloe and I quickly yet cheerfully finished up our God-given task just in time for the sun to come back out.

And for a second I imagined it was my Father God shining His face upon me.


Written by Lauren


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