It’s hard to ask for favors. It’s even harder to be in a position where you have to continually ask because your situation warrants it.

I know. I wish I didn’t but I know.

Last year when we had three cars and four drivers, I didn’t have my car very often. Usually my younger son would need it for school. Because my youngest daughter is homeschooled and we’re home a lot, that worked out fine. He could even run a few errands after school for me. It wasn’t until we had one vehicle commit suicide that we ran into problems. After months – difficult months – of having to ask for rides from people God worked the whole situation out.

Now fast-forward to today and we find ourselves back in the same¬†vehicularly-challenged place. It’s humbling to have to ask people for rides again. I despise knowing that most of the time it means that they have to go out of their way to help me. As this continues I feel less of a whole person. I know it’s not true but it’s hard to ignore those feelings.

I pray the Lord helps me remember this lesson though. I know if I can remember these feelings it will make me a better person in the long run.

I believe that nothing is by chance or coincidence. I believe that God arranges everything and when we respond correctly He is glorified. The person standing in front of you with a need was put there by God himself – help them.

A few others things about being helpful that I need to remember :

  • – don’t make them have to ask. If I know someone needs something, offer it even before they ask.
  • – if it’s something they will need continually – like a ride to school – tell them ahead of time that I’ll always help them.
  • – keep in mind that not having is harder than having to share. Look at helping as a privilege.
  • – if I would do it for a family member I should do it for anyone. God hates favoritism.
  • – it is far, far better to be able to give than to have to receive.
  • – everything I have is God’s, not mine. God is glorified when I use everything He gives me to show love to others not myself.
  • – when I feel like I’ve done enough for someone but they still need help, that’s God saying I haven’t.
  • – going out of my way to help others is carrying my cross daily. Needing help is them carrying their cross.
  • – my giving is not about me, it’s about them. Give them what they want not what I think they need.
  • – never make them feel they owe me.
  • – always help, give, love in a way that God, not me, is glorified.
  • – be a cheerful giver.
  • – people always need people. That’s by God’s design.

Written by Lauren

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