It’s just about time to order our next school year’s curriculum and I find myself wanting to do research into my options again for a third time. I’m not real thrilled about it either. The first year we used the Christian Liberty Academy curriculum. This year we purchased the curriculum through Accelerated Christian Education. Although I appreciated our first choice, I am really quite happy with our choice this year. Through each subject their Pace’s keep my children’s eyes on their Creator God.

So why the research you ask?

Well it’s not because I am unhappy with the education my children are receiving this year, but mainly due to, dare I say it, arrogance. Not my own but that of other Christians. There I’ve said it.

Homeschoolers receive quite a lot of flack for their decision to educate their children at home. I’ve actually heard some pretty mean things said and sadly many of the comments have been from other Christians. One of my son’s 12 yr. old friends once said to him, “Typical answer from someone who doesn’t go to a real school.” The subject they were discussing was something quite silly and definitely not anything to do with education. Do we need to wonder where he learned to have such a bias?

Anyway, because we had heard so many mean comments we started to make a joke about it in our home. When the kids would say or spell something incorrectly, I would just smile and say, “Your home school is showing.” Of course I was just being sarcastic, I knew that their home school education had not let them down. After some thinking though, I explained to them that I never wanted them to think or feel that they had been deprived an excellent education by being at home. Together we decided not to make that joke anymore. Now when they excel I can let them know that their home school is truly showing.

I’m really not sure why people take such a hard stance against home school. Maybe it makes them feel guilty that they aren’t giving their children the best they possibly can. Maybe they have bought in to the ridiculous secular worldview that public or private schools have more to offer our children. I have one child in a Christian High School right now and believe me I know – the children that are with me at home are receiving an education that is as good if not better than my high schooler. I know the influences are better by far.

In my humble opinion, our most important job as Christian parents is to teach our children to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe this can best be done at home. There is nothing as important as guiding our children into an intimate relationship with the God of the Bible, not even a college scholarship. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

To make a long story just slightly shorter, I find myself constantly making sure that this harsh judgment we find ourselves under is never correct even in the slightest. I know that it is only God whom I need to please and not man. Yet when the last comment came in, “oh looks like we need to get you some harder school work”, there I go searching again.

Well not anymore… excuse me while I go order my curriculum.

Written by Lauren