I truly have to thank you all for all your prayers. I have been so amazed to watch our Almighty God work in this entire situation.

On Wednesday, only 5 days after we were told that the doctors did not think my nephew would live, he left the hospital. One of these same doctors, prior to releasing him, admitted, “It’s simply a miracle, his heart is back to 100%, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

One of the paramedics came to visit Matthew twice and he was amazed at his progress. When one of the police officers who was called to the scene came to check up on him she told my sister-in-law that she is only called when a body has been found or there seems to be no hope for survival. Everything that we continue to hear from all involved confirms over and over again that we have all witnessed a miracle. I can’t stop praising my God and Savior.

Thank you all for your care and concern. Remember please continue to pray as one brother in the Lord so beautifully put it, “that Matthew can come to that place of broken spirit and contrite heart that is helpful to the hearing of the Voice of God for his life. As you know, Matthew’s submission to the finished work of Jesus on the cross and the power of the Holy Spirit at work in his life through a personal relationship with Jesus is the only “program” that will aid in his deliverance from the oppression that he has been experiencing.”

Written by Lauren