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Let’s Love Well

The following is a blog post I wrote for our church’s website last year. We attend ONEchapel, a fairly recent church plant, lead by Ross Parsley. It is a love-filled, truth-speaking, wonderful congregation made up of over 1,000 imperfect people. If you live in Austin, you should join us! Unless, of course, you’re perfect.  … Read more »

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Good Parenting

I hear it time and time again. A child misbehaves, someone informs their parent and the parent makes excuses for the child. The parent doesn’t take the information seriously or worse yet they take offense to hearing the truth. I’ve never liked the saying that Hillary Clinton coined some years ago, “It takes a village… Read more »

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Life Lessons

I think the year was 1988; Julian and I were walking around at the Orange County fair in California when suddenly I saw her. I wanted to hide but it was obvious that she’d seen us first and was making a beeline toward us. There was no where to go so I braced myself for… Read more »

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Spring Showers

Why, oh why does my blog inspiration always come while in the shower? Like today for instance, I’m shampooing away when all of the sudden out of thin air – The Lord of the rings – that is what a previous post should have been titled! It would have been perfect. And then, just so… Read more »