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Change, better get used to it.

This past August my husband and I drove our youngest – our only daughter – to college. It was a 4 hour trek and once we arrived we slowed slightly, pushed her, her suitcases, and two sets of twin bedding out the window of the truck. Then we happily drove off laughing and pinching each other to be sure we weren’t dreaming. We were FINALLY… Read more »

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Getting started. Again.

Years ago, over ten to be more precise, I started blogging. I have had multiple blogs over the years and more recently just taken a long break from writing on a personal blog. It’s been… nice. But I never feel like I can permanently leave this online world. Even in the midst of the break I knew… Read more »

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Change and Not the Spare Kind

It’s been quite a while since I sat down at this computer and wrote a blog post. Even longer since I wrote a really good post so don’t expect much. What? You never do? Well that’s a good thing. Life has changed dramatically since summer vacation ended a few short months ago. Both of the… Read more »