Why, oh why does my blog inspiration always come while in the shower?

Like today for instance, I’m shampooing away when all of the sudden out of thin air – The Lord of the rings – that is what a previous post should have been titled! It would have been perfect.

And then, just so you know how really strange I am, I start wondering if they sell waterproof laptops. Or maybe I should teach my nine-year-old daughter shorthand and she could just sit on the counter with pen and paper in hand and take notes for me.

Then with a quick skip and a hop, I’m back thinking about our God being the true Lord of all things, even rings. Whether we recognize His word as being truth or not, it is truth.

I remember being in a Bible Study a few years back where one of the women referred to God’s Word as being true and powerful to those who believe. When the leader didn’t correct her I, of course, chimed in.

I recounted to the women a phone conversation I had recently had with my unsaved sister.

Maybe you have a family member like her, my sister would love to have me come back to my senses and just be fun again like I was when I used to party with her all those many years ago. Anyway, the last time she and I spoke she was complaining about something in her life.

Even though in the past she has made it clear that she doesn’t appreciate my “religion,” I gave her Biblical advice regardless. I just left out from where this wise counsel had originated. Probably due to fact that she thrives on advice, although it is usually dished out by her two best friends, Oprah and Phil, she actually listened. This phone call was to thank me, she had seen a significant improvement in the family situation that had been troubling her by following my advice.

It was the perfect opportunity for me to let her know that I took no credit for the advice, God had said it in His Word, so of course it worked. My sister is not a born-again believer but that day she was drawn just a little bit closer to the awesome Creator who wishes that all would believe in His truth.

We don’t have to believe for the Bible to be true, God’s Word stands alone as the only foundation solid enough to build a life upon. His Word is living and active, useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness. God says that His Word goes forth out of His mouth; it will not return to Him empty but will accomplish what He desires and achieve the purpose for which He sent it. No where do we read that it is only true for those who believe. God’s Word is eternal truth and one day all will recognize that fact. One day soon I hope!

O.K., done conditioning, time to rinse. I’ll let you know what tomorrow’s shower brings.

Written by Lauren