Here at my blog, I have decided to write both humorous and serious posts. It’s the best reflection of who I am. I love to joke and laugh although when it comes to the things of the Lord I do not compromise. I will not argue about things that don’t matter, I will not stand up for or demand my views be heard over everyone else’s. In real life I believe people know me as someone who doesn’t throw her own personal opinions around but stands for, even in the face of adversity, the truth of the Lord. Just as each of the writers of the New Testament gave us more than a glimpse of their God-given personalities, I want to share my personality too.

I’ve been privy, on more than one occasion, to a blogger completely misunderstanding what a commenter had to say and responding incorrectly because of it. I always wonder if perhaps there are people who think my seriousness for the things of the Lord is questionable because I am not always serious. I used to worry about it, I don’t any longer, but I do still wonder.

If you have ever been put off by something I’ve said here, or maybe it might happen in the future, please feel free to contact me through the link on the sidebar. I’d love to be given the chance to work something through with any one of you. I’d hate to think I lost a reader and maybe a friend simply because we were speaking different languages.

Written by Lauren

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