Although normally on Saturdays I simply post a favorite blog, today my favorite blog is this one. Once you hear what I have to say, I think you’ll agree.

Last night I got the phone call everyone dreads, someone I love was in the hospital and the doctors gave little hope for his recovery.

It all started when my 18 year old nephew, my brother’s only son, went to bed early on Thursday evening because he was feeling very tired. In the morning his mother decided to take the day off of work to accompany him to an appointment. It was a rare occurrence that Sandy would ever take a day off of work but she just felt she should. When she went in to wake her son up she found him hunched over his pillow. She turned him over to find a completely gray body, except for his lips, they were blue. His body was cold as could be, in fact so was his room because the window on a cold winter night had been left open. Matthew didn’t seem to be breathing and there was no obvious pulse. Sandy called my brother and then 911. When she attempted CPR she found it impossible because he was so rigid she just couldn’t open his mouth.

When the paramedics arrived the six of them began frantically working to resuscitate him. At one point, one of the machines hooked up to my nephew actually flat-lined for minutes. It took the paramedics almost a hour to stabilize him before they could rush him to the hospital.

The rest of his immediate family was called to meet at the hospital as the ambulance raced to get there first. After they arrived, the tests began. Matthew had overdosed on something but the exact substance was unknown. His body had sustained muscle, kidney, lung and heart damage. Whether or not he had brain damage was still undetermined.

As they spent the rest of day hearing doctor after doctor and specialist after specialist confirm each of their deepest fears, they sat alone, consoling each other. When they were informed that his heart was so weak that it could fail at any moment they knew it was time they faced the very real fact that they may lose their beloved son and brother.

It took a long time, but finally at eight o’clock on Friday evening my sister-in-law told my niece to call the family. Something then prompted her to say, “But call Lisa and Lauren first because they’ll pray for him.” Lisa and I are the only two born-again Christians in our family of seven children. This fact on more than one occasion has caused turmoil in our family.

Lisa was notified first, then she called me. Each unaware of Sandy’s comment we began to call the other members of our family. Once everyone had been called, I asked the two children that were home to pray with me. As we cried out to the Lord for Matthew’s life, I asked the Lord to please give me a verse to uphold me. Immediately, a verse came to my mind, although I could not recall the reference. “I will not die but live, to proclaim what the Lord has done.” I thanked the Lord for such an awesome word and accepted it as God’s promise for Matthew.

When my oldest son and husband arrived home, after praying again, we each grabbed our cell phones and began to call every believer we could think of to enlist them as prayer warriors. Everyone we spoke with was immediately touched by the situation. Some were so concerned they called people they knew to ask them to pray also. Others who were in Bible Studies, at dinner parties, and church services gathered everyone in the room to lift Matthew up to our Awesome Father in Heaven and plead for his life.

It was snowing and the roads were slippery but by ten o’clock most of the family had arrived at the hospital. My niece began to update us on the situation. She described how in the last hour Matthew’s condition had begun to improve and even more amazing the doctors, all the doctors, were now talking about what to expect when they took him off the respirator, and the sedatives. They had begun to give the family hope for the future.

My husband, my sister Lisa, and I each silently prayed as we held on to Matthew. God was beginning to fill me with His peace, I found myself speaking the verse the Lord had given me out loud to the family and assuring them that Matthew would make it. I heard my husband and my sister saying other encouraging things like God would use this situation for His glory and for Matthew’s benefit.

Shortly after we had begun to pray for Matthew, God placed His healing hand upon my nephew and by noon on Saturday Matthew was awake, sitting up, and asking to go home. He’ll remain in the Critical Care Unit for the next fews days and he has some Physical Therapy in his future, but the family can now expect his full recovery.

I hope this account encourages you to believe the Lord for miracles, because He is still in the business of amazing those who love Him. I pray the Lord’s blessing be upon you and I ask that you pray for Matthew’s salvation. I believe the Lord has spared him for this very reason.

This experience has humbled and awed me. God be praised!

Written by Lauren

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