New Project, New Home

I’ve been blogging on and off for a decade. There have been seasons where I blogged daily and felt that my community online was more important, more encouraging than my almost non-existent real life community. Now is not one of those seasons. I am invested in the people that surround me now. I am in love… Read more »

This stirs something in me

I’ve watched this more than once. God stirs something in me each time. Now I’m praying about it. Would it be possible for little old me to raise the funds for a house? It’s difficult for us to even keep up with our household bills each month. When living paycheck to paycheck is our reality, is… Read more »

Whatever is Good

I want to write. It’s been a while so I am tempted to feel overwhelmed by all the possible topics. I don’t know where to start. There are literally thousands of jumping off points where a story of some kind would form. I sit here in this 2800 and something square foot house, completely alone. Julian is… Read more »


Have you ever been so desperately in need of furniture that you purchased it on one of those God-awful pay plans that promise No Interest or Payments for 72 Months! And then you find yourself still making payments on furniture that fell apart years ago. Yeah, me neither! But if you did, every time that you make that… Read more »

Change, better get used to it.

This past August my husband and I drove our youngest – our only daughter – to college. It was a 4 hour trek and once we arrived we slowed slightly, pushed her, her suitcases, and two sets of twin bedding out the window of the truck. Then we happily drove off laughing and pinching each other to be sure we weren’t dreaming. We were FINALLY… Read more »

We’re all just one big happy family

My parents had seven children. Yes, they are Catholic. Now stop interrupting. I was the sixth born, second girl and probably the best baby they had. Except that I wasn’t. That distinction always, always goes to the youngest child especially if it is a girl. Which she is. We are, for all those looking in from… Read more »

I died laughing

I could watch this a hundred times and still want to see it one more time. Jimmy’s reaction just when he realizes that he actually could have had a date with Nicole is priceless. I almost feel sorry for his wife because, although I’m sure he loves her and is happily married, his facial expressions… Read more »

Life should have rules

You probably won’t learn any profound things reading here. Well, you may but I highly doubt they’ll be from me. I really just want this to be a place where anyone can visit, acknowledge that life has thrown a punch or twelve their way, and leave encouraged. If not encouraged by the words others reply,… Read more »

Getting started. Again.

Years ago, over ten to be more precise, I started blogging. I have had multiple blogs over the years and more recently just taken a long break from writing on a personal blog. It’s been… nice. But I never feel like I can permanently leave this online world. Even in the midst of the break I knew… Read more »

  • The Day After Nothing

    Today is Saturday and according to our Realtor’s original plan we were supposed to close on the house yesterday. The thing is, we still have not been told of an appointment time, worse, we have no firm commitment for even a particular date of closing. Someone has to have dropped the ball and now I’m… Read more »

  • Tell me…

    Where do you live and what’s the thing you like most about it? I’m really interested. Really.

  • Flab, Flab go away…

    find someone else on whom you’ll stay. or How I got healthy on my summer vacation. It’s been over eight weeks since I had chocolate chip cookie dough, fresh from the oven, still warm and gooey fudge brownies or even a piece of bread. I’ve been staying as far away from white flour, white sugar,… Read more »

  • Free = good, sometimes

    I love the words “drastically reduced” even more than free most of the time. Reduced says, “I have to, have to, have to get rid of it but I believe it has great value so I want you to be willing to pay for it just to show me you feel the same about it… Read more »

  • No Mercy

    A few years ago, when my boys were young and MySpace and Facebook were just becoming popular, I signed up for both in order to keep an eye on them. I needed to know how they worked so that I would be able to protect my children online. It wasn’t just about getting all up… Read more »

  • Short and Sweet

    The bank accepted the offer. Praise God! We will be moving soon. I can’t wait… but I guess I have to, again.

  • What happens when you move away?

    You end up missing important moments, like your niece’s wedding. I wish money grew on trees. I’d probably remember to water one of those.

  • Waiting

    I’m not really that good at it. Waiting, that is. It took a day and a half for the bank to counter offer and an hour for us to counter their’s. That was on Friday afternoon just before close of business and so we wait. I’ve managed to convince myself that I don’t care either… Read more »

  • House Hunting

    Most of my house hunting over the last eleven years has basically taken place on the couch while browsing I’ve dreamed of the day the Lord would be so gracious as to give us our own home again. And while most of it has been just dreaming in those years we’ve also come extremely… Read more »

  • We Survived the Move

    I had high hopes that when I wrote my first post with information about our move from Wisconsin to Texas it would be filled adjectives that described pure joy and excitement over our new home. Instead you may notice a few synonyms to the word “confused.” I should probably start with the things that don’t… Read more »