New Project, New Home

I’ve been blogging on and off for a decade. There have been seasons where I blogged daily and felt that my community online was more important, more encouraging than my almost non-existent real life community. Now is not one of those seasons. I am invested in the people that surround me now. I am in love… Read more »

This stirs something in me

I’ve watched this more than once. God stirs something in me each time. Now I’m praying about it. Would it be possible for little old me to raise the funds for a house? It’s difficult for us to even keep up with our household bills each month. When living paycheck to paycheck is our reality, is… Read more »

Whatever is Good

I want to write. It’s been a while so I am tempted to feel overwhelmed by all the possible topics. I don’t know where to start. There are literally thousands of jumping off points where a story of some kind would form. I sit here in this 2800 and something square foot house, completely alone. Julian is… Read more »


Have you ever been so desperately in need of furniture that you purchased it on one of those God-awful pay plans that promise No Interest or Payments for 72 Months! And then you find yourself still making payments on furniture that fell apart years ago. Yeah, me neither! But if you did, every time that you make that… Read more »

Change, better get used to it.

This past August my husband and I drove our youngest – our only daughter – to college. It was a 4 hour trek and once we arrived we slowed slightly, pushed her, her suitcases, and two sets of twin bedding out the window of the truck. Then we happily drove off laughing and pinching each other to be sure we weren’t dreaming. We were FINALLY… Read more »

We’re all just one big happy family

My parents had seven children. Yes, they are Catholic. Now stop interrupting. I was the sixth born, second girl and probably the best baby they had. Except that I wasn’t. That distinction always, always goes to the youngest child especially if it is a girl. Which she is. We are, for all those looking in from… Read more »

I died laughing

I could watch this a hundred times and still want to see it one more time. Jimmy’s reaction just when he realizes that he actually could have had a date with Nicole is priceless. I almost feel sorry for his wife because, although I’m sure he loves her and is happily married, his facial expressions… Read more »

Life should have rules

You probably won’t learn any profound things reading here. Well, you may but I highly doubt they’ll be from me. I really just want this to be a place where anyone can visit, acknowledge that life has thrown a punch or twelve their way, and leave encouraged. If not encouraged by the words others reply,… Read more »

Getting started. Again.

Years ago, over ten to be more precise, I started blogging. I have had multiple blogs over the years and more recently just taken a long break from writing on a personal blog. It’s been… nice. But I never feel like I can permanently leave this online world. Even in the midst of the break I knew… Read more »

  • What a Difference a Prayer Makes

    Last Friday morning my husband opened an attachment in an email that was sent to us by a mean, mean person. The computer started to act up immediately following this incident and he shut the computer off and went to work. He had forgotten all about it by the time my daughter turned the computer… Read more »

  • Cinnabons Galore

    THE CINNABON RECIPE Rolls: 1¼ oz. pkg. Yeast 1 c. warm milk ½ c. granulated sugar 1/3 c. melted butter (do not subsititue margarine- blech!) 1 t. salt 2 eggs 4 c. all-purpose flour Filling: 1 c. packed brown sugar (I just sprinkle as much as I can and like, never measuring) 2½ TBS. cinnamon… Read more »

  • The Day After

    I’m just gonna say it, “I’m so glad Christmas is over!” Now I can get back to daily celebrating Jesus the biblical way, in spirit and in truth. With a wee bit o’ chocolate. Psalm 100 1 Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth! 2 Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into… Read more »

  • Just Another DMV Story

    If you are looking for a lovely post on Christmas or Advent, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’ve got nothing. Maybe once we actually celebrate Christmas, I’ll have something to write about. For now, I’m talking about what I’m living. If you just have to have your Christmas fix, then head over to Randi’s… Read more »

  • The Mumbler

    My blog buddy Blair, who happens to be today’s feedback hero, reminded me of the following story with one of her posts yesterday. All appreciation or complaints should therefore be directed to her. I was standing on the cool, wet sand of Laguna Beach. It was an ordinary, extraordinary November day in California. The dolphins… Read more »

  • A Family Favorite

    I love baking; cooking well, not so much. So, once a year when Christmas rolls around, I relish the thought of spending a day or two in the kitchen, depending on what time I begin, making hundreds of cookies. This year I’ll be making about eight different kinds, probably six dozen each. Then we’ll package… Read more »

  • The Bright Idea

    As I rested my head on my pillow late last night early this morning, to join the rest of the central time zone in sleep, my brain refused to cooperate. I kept my eyes closed, the blanket wrapped tightly around me, and feigned sleep as my mind, which was very much awake, attempted to resolve… Read more »

  • Giving: My Final Word

    ‘Tis the season… and I’m just about through discussing this subject. Does anyone mind if I do a quick recap first? My blog, I’m doing it anyway. 1. God is always a part of good (godly) giving. 2. God is always the one glorified in good giving. 3. Good giving is that which is led… Read more »

  • Giving: I’m Still Talking

    ‘Tis the season… and I’m still talking about it. In yesterday’s comments, two wonderful points about good (godly) giving were made. First, Blair joined in the conversation with a fantastic story of her own about giving. A story in which God’s hand could clearly be seen. For me, lesson number one is, God is always… Read more »

  • Giving: A Conversation

    ‘Tis the season… I’ve been thinking about “giving” for weeks, true biblical giving as opposed to worldly giving. Days ago I made some notes, jotted down some verses, and saved it in draft form for another blog. I almost brought that draft over here to use for this post and then thought better of it…. Read more »