For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in Him shall have eternal life … John 6:40

My heart was breaking after spending just a short time on a Christian bulletin board the other day.

Maybe you’ve had this same experience. This board was filled with comments from people who claim to be Christian; they claim to know and trust Jesus as their Savior and yet much of what I read contradicted the very Word of God. Most of the posts started with statements like, “Well I know what you’re saying but I think… .” Even the reality of important components to the Christian faith were being debated and it made my spirit weep. Moreover it was a waste of precious time, and not what I believe glorifies our Lord at all.

When Jesus tells us in the above verse that he who believes in Him shall have eternal life, he is not saying, “believe I exist and go on about your life.” To be a Christian, a true Christian is to believe Him for our very life. We must believe every word written in the Holy Bible. If one word is not true, then none are true.

There can be no debate, the Lord’s will is for us to believe. We look to the Son and believe, for our provision, our protection, and for His providential hand. We no longer live to please ourselves, we live now only to please our heavenly Father through Jesus Christ our Lord. We no longer have rights, we’ve given them up to the Lord and our life now is to be only what he has planned for us.

Applying this to our everyday life can at times prove difficult but obedience is the key. Humble obedience to what the Lord puts in our path. We must believe that God is in complete control of even the smallest of details of our lives. If the car doesn’t start, our child forgets his lunch or the dog runs away, the Lord not only knows about it but also has allowed it to happen. We know He has our best interest at heart and we humbly accept each situation, asking the Lord what He would have us do. If we truly believe in Christ we will see God’s hand in every situation, including the final outcome of these situations.

A Christian friend once told me how God made humble obedience a realization in his life. One day as he was taking his daughter home from dance classes, it seemed that on every road he took there was something there to slow him down, another car, pedestrians, even animals. Impatiently he looked at his watch to find that a trip that regularly took 20 minutes to drive had now taken him 45 minutes. He lost his temper and began to yell about being inconvenienced. As he turned off a busy street heading to his neighborhood, his eyes met the sight of a huge 12 car pile up where 3 people had just lost there lives. The accident had taken place just 25 minutes earlier. He was immediately convicted by the Holy Spirit for his impatience and believes to this day that the Lord spared the lives of both him and his daughter.

True belief in Christ produces obedience in our lives, and we find ourselves no longer concerned with what we think, but only with what God says.

Written by Lauren