The first time I ever bought a brand new car, excitedly I showed off my white Toyota Supra at work. My manager, heretofore known as Porsche Guy had but one comment, “It’s okay if you like the average garden variety.”

We all have different must haves when looking to purchase a car. Prior to completely running out of money, I was much more particular than I am today, although never persnickety enough for Porsche Guy obviously.

This morning, as I was driving on the freeway, I decided what my must have was in car from this day forward. Is it a sunroof? No. Is a top of line stereo? No. Is it a Look-At-Me-I-Am-So-Cool-Because-I-Drive-A-Car-That-Hardly-Anyone-Else-Is-Stupid-Enough-To-Spend-A-Bazillion-Dollars-On type of vehicle? Not even close.

My must have is simply, when driving in a sleeveless top, the vehicle must drive smoothly enough that the passengers do not make comments about my Jello arms.

Now really, is that too much to ask?

Written by Lauren