Today, some of my church family and I served the city of Austin in a very tangible way. Some of us were sent out to various places like Town Lake Trail, a cemetery, and an elementary school to clean and do some outside work. This service day just happened to coincide with Austin’s Clean Sweep day which means there were all sorts of opportunities to show the love of Christ as we worked side-by-side with other Austinites who don’t know Jesus.

What a blessing today was for each of us who pitched in to help.

My 15 year-old daughter and I along with a friend and her daughters all chose to feed the poor or homeless of Austin. It was a great experience getting to know some the people and their children that live on the East side . I took the opportunity, as I put my hand on each shoulder or back, to silently pray for them. Each person I touched was lifted up to Lord for whatever came to mind at that moment.

I pray that the Lord will continue to bring their faces and needs to mind as the days move on.

I didn’t grow up in an area like East Austin and never really had occasion to spend much time in any downtowns. I’ve lived mostly in suburban, middle class areas. Today was eye-opening but my heart is filled with hope for what God is doing in and through Austin.

It might not always look like it but God Loves Austin.

S0 should we.


Written by Lauren

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