You probably won’t learn any profound things reading here. Well, you may but I highly doubt they’ll be from me.

I really just want this to be a place where anyone can visit, acknowledge that life has thrown a punch or twelve their way, and leave encouraged. If not encouraged by the words others reply, at least encouraged that they are not alone. And some are even struggling through worse.

But let’s not make this a contest.

Seriously, people who have to one up you with their problems are the worst.

“Ooooooh, you had a C-section? Well you don’t know pain… when I had my head ripped off by a lion on my African safari, I had to go through the reattachment surgery right there in the jungle with no pain medication. Now that is pain!”

[crickets chirping]

Yeah, let’s just go with Rule #1 – no one-uppers will be tolerated. Ahhh, if only this was real life.


Written by Lauren

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