My world is being shaken yet I stand on His firm foundation.

I can’t even imagine how it’s possible to make it through tough times without the Lord to lean on. I need Him like crazy right now and oh, He is so faithful.

A week ago, at Bible study, a woman there told us her husband lost his job for doing the right thing. Their home came with the job and they have just weeks to move. She voiced her concern about being homeless.

Homeless? Not a member of my church family. Never.

I assured her that our home was open to her family of five if they needed us. It wasn’t the only offer and that makes me so proud of Christ’s bride. I love to see people care for others. It’s a beautiful thing.

Right after I told her this though I had a distressing thought that I shouldn’t have made the offer because my parents had plans to visit soon. Then God gave me peace that everything would work out.

The very next night I went to sleep with the thought racing around in my mind, “God’s sovereignty overflows with grace.” It was as if He was saying that He has everything under control and we are covered with a blanket of His favor. I had no idea why He was impressing this thought on me but it must have been important because I woke up with this same persistent thought.

I even wrote it as my Facebook status. I thought I understood the meaning of what He was saying.

I did, I just didn’t know why.

Not until my baby sister called a few hours later. She started with, “Don’t panic. God has everything under control.”

Then she proceeded to tell me that at eleven o’clock the night before – about the same time that I was hearing from God – she found out that she has a brain tumor. A rare and serious tumor that, although this type is rarely malignant, needed to be removed as soon as possible. She was checked into the hospital almost immediately and the surgery will be Friday. It’s a seven hour surgery and it will be taking place over 1500 miles away. I can’t be with her.

She is being so incredibly strong. Her faith in God is infectious. And it needs to be because few of our family members have placed their faith in Jesus for salvation. The more time that my parents, brothers and sister spend with her the better.

Still Friday is going to be… hard. The waiting and the inability to do anything to help will be frustrating.

If it weren’t for the fact that God already gave me something to focus on I may just go buggy. Instead though, I’ll be helping a family move in with us.

God really does have everything under control.

Written by Lauren

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