It has been Spring break week here at the Stoenescu house.

Although, it wasn’t very hot or sunny this week which proves my original thought that it was far too early for Spring break was correct. In my opinion anyway.

Today though, today is a paradigm of perfection.

Yesterday, not so much. Yesterday was “get the septic tank sucked out” day and it proved to be headache worthy. One burned out pump, one broken floater, one dead sensor, switch and hose later we’re out almost eleven hundred dollars and tired of thinking about all things excrement.

So it’s probably best I focus on today. It’s peaceful and quiet. Well as quiet as it can be with the neighbor behind us building what, by the never-ending sound of the banging, must be a 3000 square foot tree house. But that’s okay because the only reason I can hearing the hammer CONTINUOUSLY hitting nail after nail is that my windows can now be opened with absolutely no foul odor coming from the septic. Now how did I go there again?

I wanted to leave the poop talk behind me and just talk about today. The day that I got up early to join friends for breakfast, which I never do. The day that, for the first time this year, feels like I could have possibly used the air conditioner. The day that I get to take my two youngest darlings out to dinner. The day that I feel joyful even when things aren’t perfect in my life. That’s a good day.

It’s a good day.


Written by Lauren

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