‘Tis the season…

and I’m just about through discussing this subject. Does anyone mind if I do a quick recap first? My blog, I’m doing it anyway.

1. God is always a part of good (godly) giving.
2. God is always the one glorified in good giving.
3. Good giving is that which is led by the Holy Spirit, not by our own desires. (I forgot to mention this one in Giving: I’m Still Talking.)

Did I miss anything? Oh yeah.

4. Overgiving, in all reality, may actually be taking.

There now, that wasn’t too drawn out was it?

I saved this story of giving for last to ensure that you wouldn’t misconstrue it as my attempt to say, “Hey, look what a great person I am!” The lessons God has guided me through have included both my failing and succeeding at glorifying Him. This particular story is one where I was just along for the ride, He did all the work. In my experience that’s the only time I succeed.

The story begins with me standing in an upstairs room of my church. I was attending a woman’s outreach arranged by our ladies small group. There were many women that I did not know; I was attempting to meet and greet as many of them as possible. I saw two ladies talking together and walked up to introduce myself. They were discussing a dilemma one of the women had with her cat. She would soon be traveling to visit her husband who was working out-of-state but was unable to find someone to watch her recently acquired kitten.

I’m going to say this as kindly and gently as I possibly can, and hope that I don’t alienate even one of the two or three people who read this blog. I hate cats. My husband hates cats; both my boys are allergic to cats. Cats… bleh.

So guess how surprised I was to hear myself tell a perfect stranger, without even consulting my husband or showing any concern for the health of my poor children, “Hi, my name is Lauren, and I’d be happy to cat-sit for you.”

There was a voice inside of me screaming, “ADD A DISCLAIMER, YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY CRAZY GIVE HER AN… IF!”

Yet my spirit was at peace, and so I quickly made arrangements to have her drop the little scoundrel off at our home in ten days. I never even asked how long we would have her. I’m going to make a three year story very short by telling you that this woman has become one of my best friends. Being a good giver herself, she has stood by me and helped me through many times of need.

She was the real gift, given to me that day by a God who knew how much I was going to need her.

Lesson #5: Giving selflessly, even when we feel we have little that’s worth giving, is more often than not rewarded a hundredfold.

I think this three part conversation begs the question, “How closely does my Christmas giving resemble good, godly giving?”

I don’t know about you but sadly, I have to plead the fifth.

Written by Lauren