‘Tis the season…

and I’m still talking about it. In yesterday’s comments, two wonderful points about good (godly) giving were made.

First, Blair joined in the conversation with a fantastic story of her own about giving. A story in which God’s hand could clearly be seen.

For me, lesson number one is, God is always in good giving.

Then Carol commented how she enjoyed seeing God get the glory. She is so right, in good giving, the giver and receiver both benefit, but God always gets the glory.

So lesson number two is, God should always get the glory.

Let’s see what lesson we can dig out of my next story.

I have a friend named Mirna. She is a wife, a mother, and very involved in ministry. She has a strong faith and deeply desires to live a life of obedience to God’s word.

Mirna, like so many of us, lives on a very tight budget. Recently she handed this budget over to her husband’s charge because she felt led of God. It wasn’t an easy decision for Mirna, her and her husband have very different views of money. Yet, under conviction from the Holy Spirit, she chose to submit herself to her husband’s authority.

Weeks later, Mirna’s daughter turned nine and her husband set a specific spending limit of only $20.00 for presents. This meant Mirna was unable to buy her daughter two items of only three that she had planned to purchase.

I never heard her complain about it, in fact the only reason I even know that this occurred is because of what God did in response to her acceptance of the situation as being His will.

As we drove our sons home from a classmate’s birthday party about a week after her own daughter’s birthday, her son spoke up from the back seat.

“Guess what Mom, I won a prize. Look it’s the movie Misty.”

It was then that she told me this story and how God had just given her family one of the presents she wasn’t able to afford.

But wait, God didn’t stop there, days later when her husband offered to help a woman by driving her son home from an after-school activity. The woman thanked him and then added that she had something she thought his daughter might like.

You guessed it, after dropping the little boy off at home, his mother brought out the very same horse stamp set that Mirna had been unable to purchase for her daughter’s birthday.

Hard to believe? It’s true, and this is just one of many times that I’ve had the joy of watching God prove that He genuinely cares for even the smallest of details in our lives. God truly blesses those who are obedient to His word.

There is obviously a lesson about submission in the anecdote above. But the lesson on giving that stands out to me is: When we spoil our children, we’re robbing them of true blessing, the chance to grow their faith in the God who loves them.

What did you get out of it?

Written by Lauren