It’s been quite a while since I sat down at this computer and wrote a blog post. Even longer since I wrote a really good post so don’t expect much. What? You never do? Well that’s a good thing.

Life has changed dramatically since summer vacation ended a few short months ago.

Both of the older boys have moved away to college which was extremely rough at first. Although now I am able to look at either of their empty bedrooms without breaking down in tears, I still can’t say I like it. Because I don’t and I don’t plan on liking it any time soon.

Niko has transferred up to Dallas Baptist University which is about 4 hours away. It’s a great school with caring professors where he is building wonderful friendships. Friendships that are formed from the common ground of a solid foundation, faith in Christ. I’m happy for him.

Kyle almost went the same direction, which would have given his parents much peace, but instead someone, who shall remain nameless except in my prayers, talked him into attending Blinn College and transferring to A&M next year. Whether Kyle will continue on with this plan or end up somewhere else [DBU, DBU] next year [DBU, DBU] is not yet clear. What is clear to him is that his parents are wiser than he thought and not everyone has his best interest at heart. I just want to see him love his school like Niko does whichever one he decides on.

Chloe is still being homeschooled which was not the original plan for high school. Not our original plan anyway. God knew all along that this is what we’d be doing. She’s working her way through a tough 9th grade curriculum and making this mama proud.

Texas in October is heavenly. Enough said about that.

Julian is in the process of changing jobs. So his hours and our routine will change too.

And finally the last change we are experiencing in our lives is, after two years we find ourselves being lead of God to attend a different church. This new church in the area is everything I always said I didn’t like. It’s an half hour from the house which has always seemed too far. It’s going to be a mega-church, of this I am sure. As a church plant we have no permanent meeting place and worse yet we all know the dreaded building campaign will be in our future. It sounds pretty awful, huh? And yet I am thrilled to be a part of it. So it must be God.

OneChapel is a church plant from New Life Church in Colorado. Pastor Ross said Sunday that there are thousands of people up in Colorado who love all of us. They love us already because they love him. There was something incredibly comforting in knowing this. I can’t wait until we’re planting churches and loving new communities of fellowships too.

God is good and so is change.

Written by Lauren

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