I didn’t see the actual interview, I wouldn’t have watched it even if I had known it was on television. I don’t like Tom Cruise and the rest of Hollywood’s ilk or anything they stand for. So it was purely by chance that I found myself in agreement with him this morning as I read an excerpt of a “news” article on my homepage.

The full article can be found here, but the gist of it is that Tom Cruise, being a Scientologist, is against psychiatric medicine and he actually voiced this conviction in an interview with Matt Lauer. Obviously, I do not condone the Scientology part of the above statement and I do pray that Mr. Cruise’s eyes would be open to God’s truth but I have to say I am impressed with his courage to speak out about the the need to be more responsible in our speech concerning the use of drugs.

Now before you head down to the comment button to tell me how your Aunt Hilda/brother Sammy/ or you yourself have been/have considered/or are currently on anti-depressant medication and you think it’s just perfectly fine, stop right there! Go get yourself a cup of coffee and go to the rest room while you’re at it ’cause boy have I got a story for you.

Once upon a time, the Lord saw fit to take everything that was not breathing from my husband and I, and I mean everything. Within approximately one year we lost our business, home, any savings, and most of our pride. He moved us from sunny California to cloudy and COLD Wisconsin. I thought I was handling it all pretty well but slowly I slipped into a deep, deep depression. Getting out of bed was difficult, but God in his wisdom had made it completely necessary by removing said spouse and placing him 2000 miles away for 6 months. While Julian worked in Nevada, I tended to the children and home all by myself. I had never been a stay-at-home mom and felt that I couldn’t possibly be fulfilled unless I was in the work force. I believed with my whole heart that God was good and He loved me so this must just be a temporary exile. It wasn’t.

During the next six years my God, my husband, and my children witnessed what I like to refer to as ‘the lost years.’ As time went on I found ways of dealing with the depression so as not to adversely effect my family or at least I thought I did. In reality it affected them more than I could have ever realized. Filled with anxiety, there were times I couldn’t even leave the house. I didn’t drive for over two years because traffic scared me to death. I was no longer the strong, in control woman I had always been. It’s impossible to explain how during all of this my relationship with the Lord grew stronger; my love for Jesus and my desire to know Him intimately was what kept me alive, of that I am sure.

I am also sure that it was His voice I heard inside of me disagreeing with those who would constantly tell me I needed drugs. No matter what family and friends said, I knew that anti-depressant medication was not an option for me. If I was to be healed from my depression my faith assured me that my healing could only come from Jesus.

My “Job” experience taught me that our God is faithful. His Word is enough, the world’s way of dealing with life are not to be our ways. We are children of the risen Lord and we need only go to Him, be patient and wait on Him… He is ever faithful!

As I stood in the church building that night listening to the loud, contemporary music which was meant for much younger ears, there was no way for me to have known what the Lord had planned. The singer began to pray for the young people that were there that night. He prayed for purity and a passion for God’s Word; he prayed against suicide and depression. Just then, my feet began to tingle and then my legs got hot. (Great a hot flash now?) But the heat rose in my body and seemed to move right out of my hands. I know this sounds nuts, but I heard a comforting voice in my spirit (it’s the only way to describe it) say “the healing is yours.” I stood there in amazement, then I looked around to see if anyone was looking at me. Nope. It had been a very private moment and I planned to keep it that way.

It was days before I told my husband what had happened. Although I was a little embarrassed, I kept being convicted that if I didn’t speak up about my experience I must not truly believe God had healed me. But I knew He had, so I told Julian. Boy was he skeptical. Just the reaction I had hoped to avoid. As time went on though he saw the change and knew God had been merciful. Later, I told my Bible study group, again the same reactions. Our church has a baptist affiliation, can you imagine the responses from those ladies?

The Lord taught me many things through those years, not the least of which is that, if we truly believe His Word we must speak it out publicly. When he speaks something to your heart, don’t be afraid to let the world know it. Defend your faith in His Word, His truth. If the world can courageously defend and promote their deception, how much more must those who know The Truth speak out for Him?

Written by Lauren