Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves. Do not take a purse or bag or sandals; and do not greet anyone on the road. Luke 10:3-4

The Lord has been speaking convicting words to my heart lately about today’s church; so much so that I find myself reading passages in His Word and inadvertently inserting the word Christian in place of Pharisee. Sadly, in many circumstances, it’s a perfect fit.

It’s quite regrettable that we’ve wandered so far from the great example set for us by the early church in terms of materialism and also our longing for acceptance by the world. God forbid any of us should be scoffed at for our beliefs, or worse yet to be inconvenienced by what we claim to believe.

Can you tell me where in the New Testament we hear of any of Jesus’ true followers concern for anything other than the Lord’s will and purpose? True joy for us as believers can only be found in service to God and fulfilling His purpose for our life. The world has nothing to offer that can compare with Him, nothing.

Go! Jesus’ command is to each and every one of His followers. We are to go into the harvest, into the world and be servants of our Lord, workers for God. He sends us out like lambs among wolves, innocence among evil, the helpless among the self-reliant schemers. Lambs and wolves have nothing in common, lambs never attempt to woo the wolf to his side, they never attempt to convince the wolves that they’re cool or hip, no different than the wolves. So why do we? We definitely are different and we are to make that difference known. Jesus died for that difference.

Do not take a purse or a bag or sandals… in other words, do not store up for yourselves treasures on this earth. Depend wholly on Jehovah Jirah to provide for your every need. The first century church shared everything they had with each other (Acts 4:32). No one was out to prove their importance by what they wore, drove, or owned. No true believer should ever be caught up in the “keeping up with the Jones” scenario that is so prominent today.

And finally, in this passage we hear Jesus say, “do not greet anyone on the road.” His command makes it clear that for even the early church time was short. Don’t bother spending hours, as was customary, meeting, greeting, and socializing, or making new friends, visiting, and luncheons. Time is short and we need to tell the unsaved of the good news of Jesus Christ. No believer at that time lived solely to please himself, or enjoy life. Each genuinely lived — crucified with Christ.

How closely does the church of today resemble even just these few verses we’ve read here of the first century church? Not very! Something is seriously wrong. Most of us have a worldly focus rather than a heavenly one. Accepting Christ as Savior means becoming a servant of the Lord.

God has promised us that one-day we will enter into His rest, but even God only rested after he had labored for six days. It’s time to ask the question, “If all I’m consumed with today are my needs, wants, and desires, and if I don’t have a passion for saving souls or for serving the Lord in some capacity, how can I possibly claim to be living in genuine submission to God’s will and His purpose for my life?”

Written by Lauren