Last night, my husband and I went to an informational meeting about becoming foster parents. We’ve been mulling over the idea for quite some time.

I’m going to be honest and say that I can not, without a doubt, say that God has told us to do this. I know that we both feel lead to foster parent. Being even more honest would mean that I would admit that I feel more lead than him. But I don’t feel like getting that honest with you right now.

Foster parenting is one of the changes I’ve been alluding to over the last few posts.

I wasn’t going to write about it until we were licensed and maybe even had our first placement but I’ve changed my mind. I know that I will not be writing much at all about the kids we foster except maybe to say we welcomed a new family member or said a sad goodbye to a child.

So really, the process and all the emotions beforehand may be all I have to record.

Besides, after last night’s meeting I would have loved to have been able to log on to the computer and read how someone else dealt with the things they heard in the first meeting. Does the state intentional try to scare you off to the process of getting licensed? Do they want you to question whether you should take the next step or turn and run for the hills instead? Or are they just being honest?

I knew the meeting held the potential of making my husband question our decision but I certainly didn’t think it could do the same to me.

At least it answered one question I had as to the difference between working with the state versus a private, Christian Agency. As we cautiously step forward we will be doing so with the private agency.

Becoming licensed for foster care is a daunting task and one that God will have to personally lay His hand upon to make work for us. There are so many scheduling conflicts with the necessary training that right now I can’t see how it can possibly happen. We’ll know if it’s His will though, if it does.

Written by Lauren

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