What do you do when your first-born looks like this? In hindsight, I should have raised my hands in praise to Almighty God. Sadly, in reality, although I feared the little guy might look like this forever, I thanked the doctor for his wisdom and care.

It all started 15 years ago, when I was in my eighth month of pregnancy with our first child, my husband’s employer changed insurance companies. Although I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the doctor that had been seeing me, I was less ecstatic over the idea of having to start up a new gynecological relationship.

The pregnancy had been very non-eventful up to this point. My previous doctor had done an ultrasound at 20 weeks and pronounced everything completely normal. At 7 months he had told me that the baby was already preparing for delivery and even went so far as to have me feel on my abdomen what he claimed was the baby’s head in the down position.

When I walked into the unfamiliar office that day I was somewhat annoyed to find that Dr. Chapman would be running a full array of tests on me including an ultrasound – regardless of what my transferred records showed.

As he proceeded to put the cold gel on my stomach I proceeded to tell him that I didn’t feel all of these duplicate tests were necessary. He kindly ignored me and continued on. I watched his face while he watched the monitor. He had been smiling, but now he seemed to have more of a concerned look on his face. He started asking me questions.

“Did your previous doctor tell you this baby is breach? Did he inform you that the baby is basically in an a-fetal position?”

The ultrasound, that I had felt was unnecessary, had revealed that my baby was not only breech but in what is referred to as a stargazing position. As the back of his skull touched his spine his body formed a circle, almost the opposite of a fetal position with his face pressed into my ribs. There was absolutely no way for me to deliver this baby naturally without breaking his spine; a Cesarean delivery was scheduled for 4 weeks from that day.

I went into labor hours before I was to arrive at the hospital on a cold December morning in 1989. Dr. Chapman, who we would later find out, was one of the area’s most renowned OB/GYN’s effortlessly delivered our healthy 7lb 2oz little Niko.

I didn’t know the Lord at that time but it’s obvious to me now that God in his mercy had arranged these circumstances in order to keep my son from being paralyzed. I don’t know what His providential hand has prepared for Niko to accomplish in his lifetime but I assume it includes walking. I pray that he walks the very path the Lord has laid out for him, never turning to the right or to the left, walking as straight as his little nose grew to be, eventually.

Interesting Little Addendum:
Irony can be defined as posting on your blog that God’s purpose for your son includes walking and immediately after, having your son carried into the house due to a severe ankle sprain obtained in a volleyball game.

Written by Lauren